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Siena via Zoom

Siena, A Love Story - The Contrada

Join Chiara in Siena, la più bella delle città—the most beautiful of cities.

Siena, A Love Story - The Contrada
Siena, A Love Story - The Contrada

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Time is TBD

Siena via Zoom

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Siena, A Love Story - Contrada is Life

Group: 5 Friends Minimum - Choose a preferred start date, time then CONTACT US to schedule

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Expert: Chiara Fanti, Certified Tour Guide

Fees: $20/session/person

Doing Good: 10% of net proceeds Art Angels of Arezzo or a nonprofit of your choice.


Siena, A Love Story — The Contrada

Chiara Fanti was born was born, raised and is working today as a certified tour guide in the Siena area of Tuscany. And, she's in love!

Chiara—like so many Sienese—truly, deeply loves her home town and the surrounding countryside and she wants to share the inspiring people (her childhood friends), art, history, food, spirit and culture with you and your friends!

Part 2: The Contrada - The Heart of Siena

At the heart of what locals and visitors alike love about Siena, is the Contrada, neighborhood districts, but really a community and way of life. Most renown of the Contrada traditions is the Palio, a Medieval horse race—a deep-rooted tradition that goes on all year round. In Siena, Palio is Life, and Life is Palio. It is rooted in every Sienese heart, and difficult to truly understand. You have to see it to believe it. Let’s embark on a journey to learn about the history of this race, and to unveil the secrets of the Contrada: every one owns a private church and museum; horses attend church services and are honored guests at dinner parties; priests wear their Contrada's colours under their robes; and finishing second in the Palio is way worse than finishing last. The Sienese communal spirit lives on—Contrada e Palio è vita!

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