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IRL Tours

You've been transported virtually to explore art, history, food, spirit and local culture via Zoom, why not extend the experience into "real life"?

Luca Pietrosanti offers in-person tours in his native Rome, Italy as well as bespoke tours to anywhere in the world.​ Starting in 2021, Luca has led private +With Friends tours in Rome, Florence, Turin and Venice. In 2023, the Dutch & Flemish Masters tour led us to experience the once-in-a-lifetime Vermeer exhibition in Amsterdam, along with other masterworks in Bruges and Brussels. A Spanish Masters tour is planned for late October 2023 and future +With Friends explorations include a grand tour of Northern Italy, with a special focus on contemporary art at the 2024 Venice Biennale.​

Chiara Fanti offers in-person experiences in her hometown of Siena, Italy and throughout her beloved Tuscany. 

Carlos Rivero and Lety Vergara offer in-person experiences and cooking classes in Puebla and Mexico City, Mexico.

Cristina Muzquiz offers in-person experiences of artisan textiles and crafts in Puebla, Oaxaca and remote villages in Mexico.

Lauren Jimerson offers Zoom and in-person tours of art with an additional focus on women artists in Paris. 

Let's explore!

IRL Tours

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